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The III Kaliningrad International Film Festival "On the Edge. West" presents its Main and Special

The Festival will take place in Kaliningrad on May 1-7, 2022, with the screenings organized in the Zarya Theatre.
You can access all the Festival events free of charge by booking a ticket at kassir.ru

The Main Program of the Festival includes eight films focused on the life of modern teenagers.
Friendship, love, family traditions and connections, the choice of one's path – that's the range of topics these films have in common. As usual, feature films and documentaries are juxtaposed in the program, and this year, the line between them is further blurred. Two films, the Russian The Kros and the Belgian Aya, may be called hybrids, combining the characteristics of both documentary and fiction films.
The Blue Girl docudrama incorporates some poignant, documentary-like moments. Similar ideas are reflected in two films in the Special Program – Unfriend, creating an experimental 'borderline reality' and Give Me Liberty, brilliantly conveying a sense of 'captured reality.'

The Main Program of the Festival includes 8 films from Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, China, Iran, and Russia. The festival will open with the Portuguese film Waters of Pastaza that premiered at the recent Berlin Film Festival.
The Main Program of the "On the Edge. West" Film Festival embraces the collision (or interaction) of
documentary and fiction films. Since the festival acts as a single organism, the side-bar program also
offers both investigative documentaries and fiction films.
Most importantly, in the Special Program, we will show the collision (or interaction) of local directors with the international context. Our program includes films made abroad by the Russian directors who have gained recognition beyond their home country, filmed in different languages and in different genres. The result of their 'foreign' work is a combination of original craftsmanship and all kinds of global cinema concepts. What Sergei Bondarchuk did in Waterloo has laid the foundation for the historical quasidocumentary reconstruction of the world events at a level that the BBC and the Discovery Channel can't always afford. This film is closely echoed by the film Unfriend by Leo Gabriadze, made with the screencasting technology in an absolutely groundbreaking way. One could say that this technique takes the liberty of leaving the aesthetic component behind..
As a counterbalance to this concept, the program includes a film by Andrei Tarkovsky, the most
influential classic of meaning-laden imagery. He considered Sacrifice to be a Russian film, even though it was made in Sweden and in the Swedish language. The project of Kirill Michanovsky, who has worked abroad all his life, is filmed in English (in American, to be precise) with smooth inclusions of spoken Russian – there are many Russian-speaking characters in the film – but despite this, Give Me Liberty is an independent, auteur, purely American film. Born in the Soviet Union, those four directors have been able to create successful projects abroad with foreign producers. But not everything is as straightforward as it seems, of course: Bondarchuk's film was initiated by Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis, yet most of the filming took place in the USSR. Gabriadze's film was shot in the United States by Timur Bekmambetov's company, and for Tarkovsky and Mihanovsky, these films were not their first foreign projects. By interacting and colliding, both pairs of films reflect the global state of cinema, the box-office success of genre cinema, and the festival success of auteur cinema.
This program will feature Alexander Murashev's double documentary about school bullying and will include a discussion with the director and psychologists. Alexander Murashev (born on May 30, 1986) is a writer, creator of the Normal People YouTube project, author of A Different School and host of the eponymous program on the Mayak Radio.
The State Tretyakov Gallery and the III Kaliningrad International Film Festival "On the Edge. West"
present a retrospective honoring the memory of the legendary Russian filmmaker Sergey Solovyov. The theme of growing up and coming of age has always been one of the most important ones for him. These films had a cult following among the children of the late Soviet era, the parents of today's teenagers, when they themselves were at an impressionable age. This is what defined the generation of today's 40-and 50-year-olds. Watching Solovyov's films together will allow teens and their parents find a new common ground, discuss how different their experience with growing up and discovering the world was, and whether it was, in fact, different.
The retrospective will culminate in a screening of the famous Assa that turns 35 this year. Tatyana
Drubich, a special guest of the festival and Sergei Solovyov's favorite actress who was the female lead in Assa, One Hundred Days after Childhood, and The Lifeguard, will present the film.

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