Край света. Запад
14+ / Perfect Match. Out-of-Competition Program
105 mins.

The story of first love, unfolding in a residential district of a big city and typical not only for our time-the emotions of inexperienced teenagers are always about the same, and people of several generations recognize themselves in the film as 14-year-olds. A single mother, worried about the sexual education of her son, overcomes her embarrassment and presents him with a ridiculous book about where children come from, which he tries to hide away. All the same, the book will not help him find the right words with which he will dare to approach the girl he likes and invite her to a slow dance, especially since she is from a hostile school, where the hero is better not to meddle at all.
Written and directed by: Andrey Zaytsev
Cinematography by: Shandor Berkeshi, Kirill Bobrov
Edited by: Andrey Zaytsev, Yulia Batalova
Produced by: Andrey Zaytsev, Olga Granina
Cast: Gleb Kalyuzhnyy, Ulyana Vaskovich, Olga Ozollapinya, Dmitry Blokhin, Irina Frolova, Vladislav Goryachkin
Production: Sentyabr Film Studio
Andrey Zaytsev
Born in 1975. After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University he entered the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (course of Alexander Mitta). Twice laureate of the Golden Eagle and Laurel Branch awards. Winner of the 2012 Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture. Head of the "Sentyabr" film studio, specializing in the production of television, documentary and fiction films. Among his works: the documentary film "Gleb" and such fiction films as "Bezdelniki" and "Blockade Diary".