Край света. Запад
International Jury

Henriette Borg Reinholdt
Master of Russian Language and Culture at the University of Copenhagen. For many years worked in the non-profit organization "International Media Support" and also managed the contact center of The Nordic Council of Ministers in Murmansk. In January 2020 she took up the position of Director of the Danish Institute of Culture in St. Petersburg.

Evgeny Grishkovets
Born in Kemerovo. Writer, playwright, theater director, actor, musician. Since 1998, he has lived in Kaliningrad, and in 2011 he received the title of honorary citizen of the city. For his first solo performance, " How I Ate a Dog "(2000), he was awarded the national theater award "Golden Mask" in the categories "Innovation" and "Critics' Prize". Winner of the "Anti-Booker" and "Triumph" awards. In 2018, Grishkovets' novel" Theater of Despair. Desperate Theater" was shortlisted for the "Big Book" literary award.

Mira Staleva
Вorn in Plovdiv. After finishing her education in theology and psychology, she joined the team of Sofia International Film Festival from the very beginning. She is now the Deputy Director of Sofia IFF and Head of the festival's co-production market Sofia Meetings, and programmer for the festival. She is also a part of Art Fest, a production, distribution and exhibition company based in Sofia. Co-producer of the films "King of the Belgians" (participant of the 73rd Venice Film Festival) and "The Barefoot Emperor" (participant of the 2019 Toronto Film Festival). Staleva is a member of the European Film Academy and the LUX Prize selection board.

Anna Starobinets
Born in Moscow. Writer and screenwriter. Writes fiction and thrillers for adults, as well as fairy-tales and detective stories for children; the only book in the genre of non-fiction is autobiographical: "Look at him." Author of the book series for children "A Beastly Crimes Book ", which became a bestseller in the fall of 2018. Winner of several Russian and European literary awards. "The best writer in Europe" according to the European Science Fiction Society (Eurocon Science Fiction Convention-2018). The books have been translated into many European languages, as well as published in the USA, Japan, Turkey, etc. Author and presenter of the educational games "Literary Mafia: Interactive detective" and "Literary Magic: Interactive fantasy".

Artem Tkachenko
Born in Kaliningrad. One of the most popular Russian film actors. He became widely known after the main role in the film "Swordsman" in 2006, one of the leaders of the Russian film distribution. He starred in the films "Indigo", "Zolushka", the trilogy " Gogol. The beginning", "Gogol. Viy", " Gogol. Terrible Revenge", "Union of Salvation", "Outpost" and many others.

Teenager's Jury

Gleb Gasford
17 years. Learns in the 11th grade and wants to become a director. Is going to enter the FAMU film School in the Czech Republic. Likes to shoot advertising and reportage videos. In the essay, he analyzed in detail his favorite film - "The Beginning" by Christopher Nolan: "The director said that the film is not about dreams, it has a completely different idea. In my opinion, the film is about the struggle of the characters with personal problems. At first glance, the plot is extremely complex, but in the course of the film, the viewer opens the pieces of the puzzle, which at the end of the film add up to the assembled picture".

Maxim Goncharenko
15 years. "I guess I'm not a bad guy. I love movies, communication and books, honest". In the essay about the science fiction action film "Tenet" analyzed the work of Christopher Nolan: "His pictures are usually taken as seriously as possible. His viewers go to the cinema not to chew popcorn and exchange comments with friends about a particular episode, but in order to break the head over an interesting plot, enjoy an incredibly beautiful visuals and watch the excellent performance of the star cast, whose work is worth the budget of an entire film with a lower rank".

Igor Ponamorev
15 years. "I moved to Kaliningrad in 2016 from Omsk, where my parents are from, in order to save myself from having to wear three pants for a quarter of a year". Actively engaged in sports, participates in a school rock band, loves literature and movies. Plans to become a director. His essay on the Martin Brest's film "The Smell of a Woman" is called "Balance": "The film shows the viewer the collision of two opposites. And, like the charges of atoms of different signs, they change after a collision. Each of the characters learns from the other throughout the film".

Pavel Igranov
17 years. Got frostbite on the fingers of one hand for the sake of the movie, and on the other – for the sake of photography. In an essay about the 1968 film "Shame", he quoted director Ingmar Bergman: "Violence, in the name of whatever it is committed, is reprehensible and destroys everything human". Then he added: "Fear – when values are destroyed, time is destroyed… After this picture, I realized what "Shame" is. Bergman makes you think".

Leonid Vishnya
16 years. Student of MBU SOSH "School of the Future". All his life he has been interested in movies, loves to watch them, analyze the plot, camera work, and dreams of making his own film. He wrote an essay about the film "The Lobster" by Yorgos Lanthimos: "The world of "The Lobster" immerses the main character in a difficult choice: to look for a soul mate, based on primitive similarities with others (physical features, character), to go into illegal permanent loneliness or to turn into an animal that is free from spiritual and social needs".

Alexandra Leksussasha
15 years. Studies acting. Starred in the web series "Stop the Earth". Likes to watch different movies and notice the details: "When you take part in the filming yourself, you start to look at the movie from a different angle". In the video essay, she shared her impression of the film that turned her mind and made her think – the psychological thriller "Hysteria" by Dennis Iliadis: "After reading the description, I thought it was a very banal movie, but I still decided to watch it. When I watched it, I experienced the same emotions that the actor experienced. Thanks to this film, I have become more careful in choosing the people with whom I communicate".

Maya Mitina
14 years. Creative, versatile and responsible person. She shared her impressions of the film "Still Alice": "What emotions and thoughts did this picture evoke? A sense of fear, of injustice. The fear of the unknown, the feeling of human helplessness in the face of disease, the fear that the closest person can turn away from you in this situation, and you in general will no longer care. The fear that the whole human life with all the dreams, plans for the future can be interrupted like this".

Teacher's Jury
Aleksey Golubitsky
In 2000 graduated from the Kaliningrad State University with a degree in geography and geoecology. Worked as a researcher at the Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS, was the vice-rector for foreign economic affairs of the Institute of Retraining of Agribusiness Personnel. As a hobby, he taught ecology at the village school in Bolshoe Isakovo, where he became the director, feeling that this was his purpose, and gathered a team of like-minded people who believe that the school can be different – alive and interesting. Since 2010 – director of the "School of the Future" in the village of Bolshoe Isakovo. Silver medalist of the all-russian competition "School Director-2013". Awarded the A. S. Makarenko Medal. President of the Kaliningrad Go Federation.

Sergey Homan
Director of Kaliningrad MAOU Lyceum No. 23. The fourth-generation headmaster of the school. Spent six years working as an ambulance in the intensive care unit. The founder and first head of the regional center for the development of gifted children. Is convinced that a properly organized environment can unlock the potential of a child.

Maria Kokhanovskaya
Deputy Director of MAOU Secondary School No. 28. By education, a geographer-geoecologist, by conviction a feminist, by nature a hopeless optimist. Mother of three children and grandmother of two grandchildren. Vegan. Loves nature and tries to protect it. Has been working at the school for several years, and is responsible for teaching children with disabilities.

Tamara Makhova
Deputy Director of MBOU Secondary School "School of the Future". Winner of the All-Russian competition "Educate a person" in the category "System of education in an educational organization" (2020).

Tatiana Mishurovskaya
Director of the MAOU gymnasium No. 40 named after Yu. A. Gagarin. Has experience in conducting public and professional expertise of higher education programs as a member of an international commission.