Край света. Запад
Baba Yaga and the Baby / Out-of-Сompetition Program of Short Cartoons for Kids №1
2019 - 2021
39 mins.

Baba Yaga and the Baby
Baba Yaga really wants to become young again. But the trouble is, the main ingredient in the magic potion is a small child! At first, everything goes according to plan: Baba Yaga gets a job as a nanny, but she just doesn't know what she signed up for.
2020, Russia, 2D-Animation, 4 mins. 45 sec. Directed and designed by: Yevgeniya Golubeva Production: Soyuzmultfilm Studio

A Horned Goat is Coming
Russian folk nursery rhymes — poems and songs that were invented in those days when people believed in good fairy tales like children. Traces of ancient life are still preserved in the nursery rhymes, and each of them is like a precious gem.
2020, Russia, plasticine animation, 13 mins. Directed and designed by: Sergey Merinov Production: Pilot Animation Studio

7 Baby Goats
A funny shape-shifter based on the famous fairy tale "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats".
2020, Russia, computer cutout, 5 mins. Directed by: Marina Karpova Written by: Sergey Kapkov Designed by: Svetlana Kotlyarova Music by: Andrey Evdokimov Produced by: Boris Mashkovtsev Production: Soyuzmultfilm Studio

Addicted to Running
The heroine of the film runs, preparing for a marathon, but this is not a reason to remain indifferent to people! A funny story about the cycle of good that happened in a city park.
2019, Russia, 2D-Animation, 6 mins. Written, directed and designed by: Darya Stolbetsova Music by: Yevgeni Karmasin Produced by: Irina Snezhinskaya, Georgi Negashev Production: Snega Film Company

Little Big Dream
A person is allowed a big dream while he is small, then this right disappears somewhere. You need to do serious, reasonable, mundane things. But even an adult without a big dream will not be able to be happy. The film is about how a small child returned his mother's dream.
2019, Russia, 2D-Animation, 5 mins. Written, directed and designed by: Nina Bisyarina Animation by: Olga Chernova Sound by: Timofey Shestakov Edited by: Olga Talantseva Produced by: Irina Snezhinskaya, Georgi Negashev Production: Snega Film Company

The King and the Pear
The story of a young king whose generosity was rewarded.
2018, Russia, puppet, 4 mins. Directed by: Nastya Voronina Designed by: Valya Urm Production: Pchela Animation Studio

Abstract Minuet
Graphic fantasy on the theme of the minuet from the cycle "Everything Dances".
2020, Russia, plasticine animation, 1 min. Directed and designed by: Gulya Rodigina Produced by: Sergey Merinov Production: Plastilin Animation Studio