Край света. Запад
Boat That Wanted to Fly / Out-of-Сompetition Program of Short Cartoons for Kids № 2
2019 - 2021
45 mins.

The Boat That Wanted to Fly
The story of the little ship that wanted to fly.
2020, Russia, 2D-Animation, 6 mins. Directed and designed by: Ekaterina Philippova Production: Soyuzmultfilm Studio

Russian folk nursery rhymes — poems and songs that were invented in those days when people believed in good fairy tales like children. Traces of ancient life are still preserved in the nursery rhymes, and each of them is like a precious gem.
2018, Russia, plasticine animation, 14 mins. Directed by: Sergey Merinov Designed by: Anna Yablokova, Elena Kalvo, Maria Chaika, Natalya Krivoshlykova, Darya Larionova, Yekaterina Piskareva Animation by: Natalya Sokolova, Yekaterina Ovchinnikova Edited by: Ludmila Kopteva Music by: Grigori Shmidko Voice by: Olga Lapshina Produced by: Igor Gelashvili Production: Pilot Animation Studio

Mashka The Cat
Based on the fairy tale of the same name by Sergei Savin. A brave little cat nicknamed Masha perfectly catches mice, isn't afraid of a big rat and dreams of a pink bow.
2019, Russia, 2D-animation, 13 mins. Directed by: Elena Gavrilko, Artem Iosilevich Produced by: Vladimir Repin Production: VIB Film Studio

In the cold north lives a very gloomy polar bear. One day a distant relative comes to visit him.
2020, Russia, 2D-animation, 5 mins. Written and directed by: Marina Moshkova Designed by: Svetlana Degtyareva Music by: Aleksey Yakovel Sound by: Sergey Moshkov Produced by: Boris Mashkovtsev Production: Soyuzmultfilm Studio

In the cycle "Everything Dances", a variety of inanimate objects are used, this time on the dance floor – reckless socks taken on a tablet.
2021, Russia, 2D-animation, 1 min. Directed and designed by: Sonya Gorya Production: Plastilin Animation Studio