Край света. Запад
The Wolf Vice Versa / Out-of-Сompetition Program of Short Cartoons for Kids № 3
2019 - 2021
42 mins.

The story about a princess who is so hard to live because of her huge height. In an attempt to marry off his daughter, the king arranges a ball. But all the grooms run away in panic. Desperation and chance lead the tall woman to where she finds her happiness.
2020, Russia, cartoon, 2D-animation, 8 mins. Directed and designed by: Anastasiya Zhakulina Written by: Maria Chernitsyna Produced by: Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Nikolai Makovsky Production: School Studio "SHAR"

Flow (from the animated series "The Wolf Vice Versa")
A film from the first Russian animated series about inclusion "The Wolf Vice Versa". In the village, where live seven little goats with a mother Goat, three piglets, Granny and Red Riding Hood, returns the Wolf, who is now called Flow. He's vegan, plays the ukulele, and doesn't eat anyone. The villagers at first do not believe in the transformation of Flow, but in his favor is the friendship with the little goat with special features.
2020, Russia, 2D-animation, 11 mins. Directed by: Irina Elshanskaya Written by: Irina Elshanskaya, Yevgeni Potashnik Voices: Chulpan Khamatova, Konstantin Khabensky, Anton Komolov Produced by: Yevgeni Potashnik Production: Diversity Studio

Duck and Kangaroo
The story of a love affair. Based on a poem by Edward Lear about the antipodes.
2020, Russia, cartoon, 7 mins. Written, directed and designed by: Elizaveta Skvortsova Produced by: Boris Mashkovtsev Production: Soyuzmultfilm Studio

The Girl-bird
A summer day, birds are singing, the sun is shining brightly, best time for a walk. But the girl, whom her mother calls Galchonok (Little Jackdaw), has a fever, and the doctor diagnoses "bird flu". The film is about the importance of friendly communication, about love and mutual understanding in the family.
2019, Russia, cartoon, 6 mins. Written, directed and designed by: Ekaterina Nevostruyeva Animation by: Anna Isakova, Veronika Neputina, Polina Fyodorova, Darya Stolbetsova, Irina Kruchkova, Alexander Rubtsov Sound by: Nadezhda Shestakova Produced by: Irina Volodina, Valentina Khizhnyakova Production: Ural-Cinema Studio

Development School
One day in the life of a modern six-year-old girl, painted by the clock. Ballet, singing, English, and finally a swimming pool. But for a child, all this "development stuff" pales before the natural process of tooth loss!

2019, Russia, 2D-animation, 5 mins. Written, directed and designed by: Anastasia Sokolova Animation by: Yulia Mikushina Music by: Yevgeni Karmazin Sound by: Nadezhda Shestakova Produced by: Irina Snezhinskaya, Georgi Negashev Production: Snega Film Company

The Princess and the Bandit
"Once a princess fell in love with a bandit…" and what it led to. Film based on a poem by Galina Dyadina.
2020, Russia, 2D-animation, 3 mins. Directed by: Maria Sosnina, Mikhail Aldashin Written by: Maria Sosnina Designed by: Maria Sosnina, Mikhail Aldashin, Anna Yudina Music by: Vitali Bazilevsky Voices: Sofia Trifonova, Vitali Bazilevsky Produced by: Boris Mashkovtsev Production: Soyuzmultfilm Studio

The Robot
The film from the cycle "Everything Dances". The robot as a dancer does not interfere with anything – even wrenches instead of legs.
2021, Russia, 2D-animation, 1 min. Directed by: Maria Chaika Production: Plastilin Animation Studio