Край света. Запад
Call Me Blackbird / Competition Program
93 mins.

With the end of the 8th grade, Kostya is facing changes in his family: his father goes to a pregnant young "stepmother", and his mother hardly retains her dignity in the situation of a "civilized" divorce. Kostya writes poetry: "Straighten your back, break this cocoon, change the world, they are waiting for you outside the door", but he is shy to read them in public, until the network anonymous "Blackbird" gives him a few lessons in self-confidence. A romantic ride on a moped with a girl with whom Kostya is in love ends with someone else's broken car, and the romance ends with a broken heart. Now Kostya understands: girls come and go, but the real love between father and son is an enduring value.
Directed by: Pavel Mirzoev
Written by: Valeria Zadereeva, Pavel Mirzoev
Cinematography by: Evgeny Koroptsov
Edited by: Yuri Trofimov
Music by: Pyotr Nalich
Produced by: Yuri Obukhov, Aleksei Ryazantsev, Marina Ternavskaya
Cast: Kirill Käro, Yulia Marchenko, Ivan Loginov, Maksim Saprykin
Production: Karo-production

Pavel Mirzoev
Born in 1977 in Moscow. Pavel Mirzoev graduated from VGIK in 2008 (Vadim Abdrashitov's workshop) and now works as a director and screenwriter for feature films and documentaries. One of his most famous works is "How I Became …" (2018).