Край света. Запад
Little Brother (Bayur) / Perfect Match. Out-of-Competition Program
95 mins.

At a literature lesson in the third grade of a rural school, an emergency occurs: the teacher gets a paper ball in the back of the head. The guilty Yerken cannot bring any of his relatives to school: his mother has died, his father has left and started a new family, and his older brother is studying in the city. Yerken is sent to the principal and humbly endures the punishment – two noogies. The older brother, who arrived for a short time, is wrestling with the younger one on the carpet and teaches him to be courageous, although in terms of independence and ability to cope with circumstances, Yerken seems to have long surpassed many of his adult fellow villagers.
Written and directed by: Serik Aprimov
Cinematography by: Aleksandr Rubanov
Edited by: Sylvain Coutandin
Produced by: Dinara Aprymova, Gulmira Aprymova
Cast: Alisher Aprymov, Almat Galym
Production: Kazakfilm

Serik Aprymov
Graduated from VGIK in 1989 (workshop of Sergei Solovyov). Prior to that he worked at the Kazakfilm studio as a driver and assistant director. After graduating from VGIK, he worked as an assistant director at the BBC in London. He is jne of the directors of the Kazakh "new wave". His debut film "Final Stop" was shown during Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival. He is laureate of the Youth Union of Kazakhstan Prize as well as the Tarlan Independent Prize (2000), twice awarded the State Scholarship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His films have won numerous prizes at various international film festivals.