Край света. Запад
Capturing Dad (Chichi wo torini) / Perfect Match. Out-of-Competition Program
74 mins.

Two sisters (17 and 20) live with their mother, who was abandoned by their father 14 years ago. She never forgave him the betrayal. After receiving the news that he will soon die of cancer, the woman sends her daughters to say goodbye to him "properly" and hands them a camera - with strict instructions to take a picture of him: "Before he dies, I want to laugh in his face". The girls arrive already for the father's funeral and never manage to fulfill their mother's request, but they bring her something to remember the deceased — this original souvenir pleases the ex-wife even more than the photo of the cheater.
Writen and directed by: Ryota Nakano
Cinematography by: Shingo Hirano
Edited by: Ryôta Nakano
Produced by: Noriyasu Hiragata
Cast: Makiko Watanabe, Erisa Yanagi, Nanoka Matsubara
Production: Hiyoshigaoka Pictures, Pictures Network

Ryôta Nakano
Born in 1973 in Kyoto. After graduating university, he entered Japan Institute of the Moving Image. Directed several short films which gained him many awards. His feature debut "Capturing Dad" premiered at Berlinale's Generation 14Plus. The most successful Nakano's pic "Her Love Boils Bathwater" (2016) won Japan Academy Awards in three categories, Blue Ribbon award and Kinema Jumpo award, as well as many festival prizes. Other directorial works: "Shizumanai Mittsu No Ie" (2013), "The Long Good-Buys" (2019), "The Asadas!" (2020).