Край света. Запад
Dad / Competition Program
75 mins

The film is about family life as an endless kaleidoscope of mutual manipulations. The title character is 90-year-old Alexander Brown, the father of director Valeriya Gai Germanika, for whom she is just Lera, just as for her daughters Octavia and Severina – just Tava and Seva. The main thing in good directing is the ability to see a unique human personality, even if it is your own, long-familiar dad, and in time to ask a surprised question: "Dad, why do you have the face of an Auschwitz prisoner?" The author conducts the same lively dialogue with other household members. "I am Octavia, the saddest person in the world, I have a very bad life", says the granddaughter of the hero and receives maternal consolation: "The life of a teenager is difficult".
Directed by: Valeriya Gai Germanika
Cinematography by: Valeriya Gai Germanika
Edited by: Valeriya Gai Germanika
Sound by: Anton Kuryshov, Andrey Guryanov
Produced by: Valeriya Gai Germanika
Production: Leosfilm

Valeriya Gai Germanika
Graduated from the School of Cinematography and Television "Internews" in 2008 (Marina Razbezhkina's workshop). Selected Filmography: "Girls" (2005, documentary), "Everybody Dies but Me" (2008), "School" (TV Series, 2010), "Brief Guide To A Happy Life" (TV Series, 2011), "Yes and Yes" (2013), "The Imagined Wolf" (2019). She was awarded with "Nika" and "Discovery of the Year" awards (2008), Jeunes Prize of the Cannes Film Festival (2008), "CineVision" of the International Film Festival in Munich (2008), "Silver George" award for the best directing at the Moscow International Film Festival (2014).