Край света. Запад
At A Distance / Special Screening
71 mins.

The film shows the whole background of the new reality that the world faced in the spring of 2020. Paradoxically, the most severe ordeal in the last 20 years has brought people together, while separating them. Loneliness became a catalyst for internal changes for the six Russian – speaking characters from different countries. Distanced from the usual life, for a month they filmed video diaries and learned to interact with the world in the new conditions of strict restrictions. Everything that is shown on the screen is pure improvisation, non-stop life, sincere feelings without censorship. The reality of what is happening is emphasized by one of the most innovative technological formats – screenlife.
Written and directed by: Aleksey Kobylkov
Edited by: Valentina Kryshova, Maxim Zhura
Produced by: Lika Blank, Anastasia Rytsyna, Ekaterina Stroganova
Production: Gorky Film Studio

Aleksey Kobylkov
Aleksey Kobylkov is a screenwriter and director. He graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University (Faculty of Journalism) and the Screenwriting Workshop of Alexander Molchanov. He also studied a course in Assistant Directing at the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers.