Край света. Запад
Hey! Teachers! / On the Edge. Out-of-Competition Program
90 mins.

Young moscovites Katya and Vasya go to work as teachers in a small town in the Tula region. Katya is going to teach Russian language and literature, and Vasya, who has always loved to travel, exotic countries and rare languages, wants to try himself as a geography teacher for the first time. The young teachers are unsecure and frightened, both by the students and by the old teacher guard, who hope that the new teachers will stir up the "stagnant swamp". Gradually, the progressive ideas and good intentions of the metropolitan intelligentsia, who came to instill abstract humanistic values, increasingly come into conflict with the real collective consciousness of provincial schoolchildren.
Directed by: Yulia Vishnevetskaya
Cinematographу by: Konstantin Salomatin, Daria Senicheva
Edited by: Olga Badina
Produced by: Evgenia Vengerova
Production: OkaReka

Yulia Vishnevetskaya
Graduated from the philological faculty of Moscow State University with a degree in german language and literature, worked as a translator, editor for news sites and television programs, photographer. Now she is shooting documentaries for "Radio Liberty". The premiere of "Hey! Teachers!" (original title: "Katya and Vasya Go to School" took place in the summer of 2020 at the film festival in Krakow.