Край света. Запад
His Daughter / Perfect Match. Out-of-Competition Program
96 mins.

First-grader Tanya lives in a Yakut village with her grandparents. Although her father has not written to her for a long time, the girl has no doubt that he constantly invisibly helps her every time she needs him. Every morning in the village house begins with the anthem of the USSR on the radio, telling about the meeting between Brezhnev and the oil workers. However, Tanya is sure that "every new day reveals something unknown and secret" and wants to tell about the events of her childhood, which still cause her, as an adult woman, either tears or great joy. Looking out the window at her peers, the wise heroine asks: "Why do children play all the time? When do they think? Probably never, so they're happy?»
Directed by: Tatiana Everstova
Written by: Tatiana Everstova, Rozalia Lebedeva
Cinematography by: Wesley Mrozinski, Fred Valle
Designed by: Petr Boyarkin, Mikhail Strekalovsky
Composer: Jiri Heger
Produced by: Tatiana Everstova, Maria Everstova
Cast: Svetlana Portnyagina, Varvara Novogodina, Prokopy Yakovlev
Production: Khoro OyUluun Production

Awards and festivals: Grand Prix at the "Window to Europe" Festival in Vyborg

Tatiana Everstova
Born in Mayagas, Ust-Aldansk district, Sakha (Yakutia) in 1965. Director, scriptwriter, producer. Honoured Worker of Culture of the Republic of Sakha. In 2010 she founded the film company "Khoro OyUluun Production". Selected Filmography: "Locked In" (2018), "His Daughter" (2016), "Alaas" (2010), "The Apocalypse" (2009), "Tulluk" (2008), "Kyys Amma" (2007), "Yrya" (2004, short).