Край света. Запад
Last Days at Sea / The Closing Film
Philippines, Taiwan
72 mins.

The director made friends with the little inhabitant of the Philippine island of Karihatag when the boy was 9, and now he is 12, and he goes to the city to study: the film, almost devoid of the storyline, describes his last days on the seashore. The camera simply captures the everyday life of the hero, who peels and roasts potatoes, watches his father fishing for squid and tuna, moves the stones that symbolize the planets of the Solar System. The voice of a child saying goodbye to the sea and childhood sometimes merges with the rustle of the waves, but the sadness of the upcoming parting is clearly audible: "Before you go to a place where you have never been, you should take a stone with you, and when you arrive, you should put your foot on this stone, so as not to get sick."
Directed by: Venice Atienza
Cinematography by: Venice Atienza,Moshe Ladanga
Editing by: Anna Magdalena Silva-Schlenker, Katrin Escay
Music by: Yannick Dauby Produced by: Venice Atienza
Production: Svemirko Film Productions

Venice Atienza
Режиссер, оператор, продюсер
The Filipino documentary filmmaker was born in 1989. An alumna of the European Doc Nomads programme, she co-founded "Svemirko Film Productions" with Taiwanese director and producer Fan Wu in order to create a platform for author-driven documentary films. "Last Days at Sea" is her first feature-length film. Filmography: "Boa, Tarde Senhor Lima" (2015, short film); "Bakter / The Track Changer" (2017, short film), "Last Days at Sea" (2021).