Край света. Запад
Maya / Competition Program
UK, Iran
86 mins.

The story of the Bengal tiger Maya, who was born in captivity and perceives as the closest relative the keeper of the Mashhad zoo, who raised her. One day, Maya gets the opportunity to see the world outside the cage - on the set of a full-length film, where the wounded by her director jokes: "Maybe it's worth sacrificing someone from the film crew to make Maya remember how her ancestors hunted." The tragedy of an animal deprived of its freedom, its natural habitat, and the right to live as its nature demands, is intertwined with the comedy of human being - the greedy and deceitful "crown of creation" with his self-satisfied confidence that he understands animal thoughts and emotions, judging about them by analogy with his own.
Directed by: Anson Hartford, Jamshid Mojaddadi
Written by: Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford
Cinematography by: Nicholas Booth, Reza Jafarzadeh, Majid Tahermanesh
Edited by: Olli Huddlestone
Produced by: Jamshid Mojaddadi, Kaarle Aho
Production: Banyak Films

Jamshid Mojaddadi
Jamshid Mojaddadi is an Iranian documentary filmmaker with more than 20 awards to his name. He studied filmmaking at Tehran University for Television and Radio and over the last 15 years his films have screened at over 37 festivals worldwide and in 2004 his film 'Life On The Other Hand' was screened at the 'Cinema House Festival' as one of Iran's top 16 films.
Anson Hartford
Anson Hartford studied film at the Surrey Institute of Art. His first documentary celebrated film medium in a story about an unknown genius of photography — James Ravilious. His next film consolidated a working partnership with his brother Hugh on the film Short Man of The Forest, an ethnographically inspired adventure following a primatologist on the hunt for the "Orang Pendek"; an animal few had seen, none had photographed and many believed didn't even exist. "Maya" is his second feature film.