Край света. Запад
Little Sister / Perfect Match. Out-of-Competition Program
94 mins

The script is based on a children's story by the Bashkir poet and writer Mustai Karim "The Joy of our Home", written in 1951 on behalf of a 6-year-old village boy Yamil. In the autumn of 1944, a Soviet soldier finds a girl hiding in a stove in a village ravaged by the Nazis. He manages to send her to his native Bashkir village — to his wife and son Yamil. So the boy gets a charming little sister Oksana — with hair soft as silk and white as flax. Yamil gets all his toys for her, but the scared girl hides under the bed — she sees terrible fascists everywhere. In order for his sister to finally come to her senses, Yamil will have to take her under his care and perform many feats for her.
Directed by: Aleksandr Galibin
Written by: Aydar Akmanov, Mustay Karim
Cinematography by: Mikhail Agranovich
Edited by: Igor Medvedev
Produced by: Timerbulat Karimov, Mikhail Kurbatov, Dmitry Fiks
Cast: Arslan Krymchurin, Marta Timofeeva
Production: Motor Film

Alexander Galibin
Born in 1955, in Leningrad, USSR. He graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography. From 1992−1996 Galibin studied directing in Moscow under the famous experimental director Anatoli Vasilyev, and graduated as director. Since 2003 Aleksandr Galibin has been Artistic Director of the Pushkin Drama Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. Galibin is an acclaimed Russian actor and director. He was designated Honorable Artist of Russia. In 2007 Galibin made his debut as a director with the film "40".