Край света. Запад
Stars by the Pound (100 kilos d'étoiles) / Competition Program
88 mins.

16-year-old Lois, the namesake of Superman's girlfriend, weighs 100 kilograms and makes superhuman efforts to combat hereditary obesity. Most of all, she is upset by the inability to realize her cherished dream — to become an astronaut. Teachers try to console the best student with physical and mathematical abilities that it is possible to explore the universe without going to space. Once in the hospital after a starvation faint, Lois gets three friends - each with her own life tragedy - and goes with them to the Space Center in Toulouse to present her project at a competition for school children, and at the same time to understand that a solid body weight has undeniable advantages.
Directed by: Marie-Sophie Chambon
Written by: Marie-Sophie Chambon, Anaïs Carpita
Cinematography by: Yann Maritaud
Edited by: Julie Dupré
Produced by: Diane Jassem, Céline Chapdaniel
Cast: Laure Duchêne, Angèle Metzger, Pauline Serieys, Zoé de Tarlé, Philippe Rebbot, Isabelle de Hertogh
Production: Koro films

Marie-Sophie Chambon
Marie-Sophie Chambon is a graduate of the renowned film school La Fémis in Paris, where she majored in screenwriting. She has written several scripts for short films and made her feature screenwriter debut with the film "As I Open My Eyes" (2015), directed by Leyla Bouzid. "Stars by the Pound" (presented at Cannes Screen Junior) marks her feature directorial debut.