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About the festival
The festival project "On the Edge" was born eight years ago on the island of Sakhalin. Since then, it has grown from a run-of-the-mill Russian film fair into a large international forum with an extensive and wide-ranging film programme, an international competition, a jury and a number of creative workshops running during the festival.
What kind of festival is that?

Project "On the Edge" was born eight years ago on the Sakhalin island. What started as a run-of-the mill Russian film fair, has grown over time into a large international forum with a broad-ranging programme, a representative competition, a respectable jury and a number of creative workshops open for broad audiences. Today, "On the Edge" is more than a traditional film festival. First, it is an efficient driver for social development in a region where locals do not remain passive onlookers, but pro-actively interact with the festival, improving the quality of their own lives, expanding their word view and obtaining new opportunities for their creative self-fulfillment.

In 2019, the international festival map got a new spot: "On the Edge: Go West." The upcoming 2019 edition of the festival is meant to be a large social project, a regional centre of attraction for creativity, a place of power where every visitor can become a participant and express themselves in different arts.
Why "On the Edge"?

The title "On the Edge" stands not only and not so much to highlight remoteness in space. What it signifies foremost is the invisible borderline between the projector's beam and the darkness of a screening room.
Will there be any films?

The festival has two competition programmes - films for teenagers, called, Films to Grow and Fiction.doc which showcases all the most interesting and important things happening in cinema now. And this is without mentioning the non-competition screenings!

The competition programme Films to Grow comprises seven feature length films. There are no eligibility criteria based on country or genre, although Russian and European films will be in the spotlight. Comedy, fantasy, a musical, historical or social drama - films in this programme have to focus on problems of children's lives regardless of whether the story takes place today or in another era. The curator for the children's competition and non-competition programmes is Maria Tereschenko, one of Russia's main experts on animation and films for children.

The Fiction.doc competition programme features 10 films, of which five are documentaries and five are fiction films. Winners are to be selected by a professional jury of three filmmakers. The high artistic value of this programme is guaranteed by Alexey Medvedev, the Programme Director of the KIFF "On the Edge", a programmer and curator for many international film festivals, and Natalia Pylaeva, who specializes on documentary films.

Alexey Medvedev, Programme Director of the KIFF "On the Edge: Go West":
"Today's reality is too complicated: there's the daily life, news, TV, the virtual world made up of social networks and computer games, numerous fakes, and, at the same time, multiple real tragedies and happy events. We do not divide cinema into fiction and documentary films because this line between fantasy and reality is sometimes intangible for filmmakers themselves. Our sole question is whether the author succeeded in reflecting today's super complex vibrant reality."
Как стать членом подросткового жюри?
Для этого нужно:
1 - Рассказать о кинофильме, который вас поразил. Форма – свободная. Это может быть видео-эссе, подкаст, письменное сочинение или даже комикс. Главное, чтобы это был интересный и вдумчивый рассказ о важном для вас фильме. Рекомендованная длина эссе – от 2000 до 5000 знаков (с пробелами) для письменных сочинений и от 2 до 5 минут для видео и аудиофайлов. Однако эссе может быть длиннее или короче, если того требует замысел автора. Длина эссе не будет влиять на наше решение.
2 - Заполнить заявление. Скачать заявление-анкету (если вам есть 16)
3 - И если вам меньше 16 лет – подписать у родителя или законного представителя согласие на участие. Скачать анкету/согласие (до 16)
4 - Перечисленные документы (эссе, заявление и согласие от родителей (для тех, кому меньше 16 лет)) нужно прислать на почту не позднее 23 ч. 59 мин. 20 апреля 2019 года.

*Членам подросткового жюри должно быть не меньше 12 лет на 26 апреля 2019 года
и не больше 17 лет на 03 мая 2019 года.
Как стать членом учительского жюри?
Для участия скачайте и заполните анкету/согласие и пришлите на почту