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Meeting with Fyodor Bondarchuk, President of the "On the Edge: Go West" Film Festival
On April 5 at 2 pm, a meeting with Honorary President of the Kaliningrad International Film Festival "On the Edge: Go West" Fyodor Bondarchuk, director, actor and producer; Co-Founder of the Industry School of Cinema and TV, will take place at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

"Today, filmmaking and time are rapidly changing, and those changes are felt most acutely by the young who grew up toting a smartphone. They are the future of our country and cinema, and it's for them that we founded the Industry School, which is one of my favorite projects. I do hope that "On the Edge: Go West" will prove to be an efficient tool for finding in Kaliningrad those who are talented, bright and committed to cinema. That's what I like in the new festival project – the fact that it focuses on the young and engaged, but at the same time is not trying to ingratiate itself with the youth, nor is it looking down on it. That's what I am, too. That's really close to my heart," says Fyodor Bondarchuk about his decision to collaborate with the "On the Edge: Go West" Festival.

During the meeting moderated by Alexey Agranovich, General Producer of "On the Edge: Go West," best works of the Industry Film School will be showcased. Mr. Agranovich will also explain how to apply for the festival workshops taking place from April 26 till May 3. Local residents will have 6 educational initiatives to choose from: Animation Workshop, Teen Cinema Lab, Documentary Filmmaking Workshop, Urban Development Workshop, Documentary Theatre Lab: the Levitan Street Project and Arzamas Workshop: Private 20th Century.

Application period is now open! You can find additional information and fill out the application form here